FDM International - Slovakia - Slovenia

Medical Doctor, Physiotherapist, Osteopath

The basic FDM programme, covering three modules, is conducted by qualified, authorized FDM instructors who have undergone training in accordance with the established EFDMA curriculum. The EFDMA curriculum is structured in modules and ensures maximal flexibility and a wide coverage of training for participants.

The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) created by Steven Typaldos, has evolved as an effective medical method for treating one or several of six typical forms of fascial distortion in the human organism. These distortions in the body’s fascial system can cause physical afflictions and impaired motor function. The distortions can cause painful musculoskeletal conditions and malfunctions of the body’s mobility. FDM covers the entire range from diagnosis of key indicators of the fascial distortions, and the actual treatment of these distortions up to the evaluation of achieved corrections and impact. FDM has the capability to successfully affect most of the impaired functions by defining and treating one to six described forms of fascial distortions in the human organism. With the help of visual diagnosis, by reading the patients pain gestures (body language), the therapist is led to find the specific distortion(s). Further information and indications gathered from the patient`s case history, screening questions and the palpatory finding allows completing the FDM diagnosis. Through correction of the distortion, the FDM enables an effective and comprehensively measurable treatment of pain and of the restricted mobility. 

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