About Us

We are two physiotherapists and osteopaths who will introduce courses and advanced training in Fascial Manipulation in Austria.


Already during our study in osteopathy at the Vienna School for Osteopathy (WSO) we learned about the key role that the fascias play for the functioning of the body’s momentum.  A.T. Still in the USA, the founder of osteopathy, was frequently cited, as he already hundred years ago noted that non-mobile fascias could exert negative impacts on the entire body. Modern research confirms and emphasizes these effects. Towards the end of our study in osteopathy we learned of the Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) developed by Dr. Steven Typaldos and became enthusiastic supporters of this new method. We decided to deepen our knowledge in this field.


In a postgraduate course in osteopathy we were fortunate to attend a lecture by Robert Schleip on “Fascination Fascia”. For us this was the beginning of a really fascinating involvement in this subject through a gradual learning process. This journey towards advanced knowledge took us from a course in “Fascial Fitness” on to the Connective Tissue Congress in Ulm, onwards to “Myofascial Taping” and finally to “Fascial Manipulation” with Luigi Stecco in Italy. As we proceeded into the subject of the fascia network we have become assured that this network offers solutions to a range of problems occurring in the body. The time has come to bring the subject of fascia out into public awareness and to systematically teach and utilize related healing methods.