Karin Mügge M.A., D.O.

About Me: 


Physiotherapist, M.A. (Univ. of South Australia)

Sport Physiotherapist


Grounder of Fascia Center Vienna




2014 - planed courses

             FDM World Congress in Texas, St. Antonio

             Fascial Manipulation III, Italy

             University Ulm, Summer school

             FDM International Certificate Exam


2014    Fazer- Fascial Techniques

2013    Osteopathic Treatment  of gynecological and  urogenital dysfunctions

Internal urogenital techniques in the osteopathy

FDM (Fascial Distorsion Model, Typaldos) Exam basics

FDM Refresher

Fascial Manipulation I

Fascial Manipulation II


2012   Myofascial Taping

           FDM, Module II-III


2012   New development in the Osteopathy, University  of Krems


2011   Diploma for Osteopathy in the WSO (Viennese Osteopathic School) (master in  Process)


2010   FDM module I


2005   European Sport Physiotherapy  Diploma


2004   European Sport Physiotherapy –Shoulder rehabilitation 


2002   European Sport Physiotherapy –Knee rehabilitation 


2002   M. A. in Physiotherapy, Master in Manipulation (University of South Australia)


1999   Coaching at Athletic Sports Injury Center (Irvine, California, USA)


1999   Bachelor of Physiotherapie,  Academy Thiem Van der Laan